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My boyfriend, that is.

He does not want to do anything besides sit at the house, walk to the gas station or go out to wal*mart. That's literally it. I can't do anything else with him.

It doesn't help our truck isn't fixed yet but even then he still wouldn't want to go out and do anything, even if it was up in the mountains to go hiking.

I can't go see my friends, regardless if they have a snatch or prick between their legs because it's always "well I thought we were going to do stuff today" when we never have anything planned. I at least fucking try to plan shit, get out of the house with good friends and do something fun and productive besides sit around the house all day.

I spent most of my life couped up because I didn't have many friends but now I am starting to find my old friends from back in the day that actually want to go do stuff with me and I always bring my boyfriend so he can meet and make friends too. I can't even do that.

I feel like a fucking child. My own parents didn't even pull this shit with me.

It's a goddamn ball and chain. I am not asking for a lot. I just want to occasionally go and see my friends and do stuff with them. The last time me and my boyfriend did anything that was a social gathering was months ago.

MONTHS AGO. If you really wanted to do something we had all that time between those MONTHS AGO and now. Why is it always "I THOUGHT WE HAD PLANS" when I dare insist that I want us to go meet up with friends?

I wish he would grasp the fucking concept that just because we are together doesn't mean I can kick everyone off to the side and never do anything with them besides say "hi" and "bye" when I pass them in public.

He gets pissy when I even talk to them for more than five minutes. FIVE MINUTES. He honestly sounds fucking possessive and I am not here for this shit at all. When i try to explain all this to him and the fact that he is suffocating me with this he flips his shit and goes on about my faults and changes to subject entirely and HE is the victim, HE is the one threatening to leave ME.

I am so fucking close to leaving his ass because I don't know what to do. I cannot stand this type of behaviour. It shouldn't be this much of a controversy because I want us to go hang out with friends. If he didn't threaten suicide every time I tried to leave him and his parents hadn't disowned him I would have left him a year ago.

I really don't know what to do.
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I have a laptop now yes thanking fuck

I like my tablets and shit but having an actual computer is nice.

Also I can fire up the tablet. ...

When I get the fucking pen replacement next week.


Hi I'm a 20 something year old mechanic that does stuff for a living!

Skype: Silencing-machine

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Shitfuck, I forgot to watch back :stare:
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Where's your husband, Dedushka Balls?
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...After I took all those minutes writing you a nice answer you close it. You dick. :stare:
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dreammaker123 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
I love your otherkin stamp you made I agree with you a 1000% I was having a little argument with a person and I told them that some people have it more tougher than they do but they take it like I am destroying them.
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